Hand made rosettes

For a truly remarkable way to commemorate and celebrate an event, day or memory

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Remarkable Rosettes

Remarkable Hand Made Rosettes

Why Remarkable?

We are all blessed with those remarkable days or occasions that stay with us forever. As a company that specialises in making high quality rosettes, we are frequently asked to produce a "very special" rosette to commemorate those days. This has led us to develop our Remarkable Range of super-sized unique designs that we are proud to show you here.

Make your event truly remarkable or celebrate with a lasting memento: a truly Remarkable Rosette.

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Hand made rosettes

Truly hand made

Rosette making is one of a very few craft industries that is still producing hand made products. Each of our Rosettes are hand-sewn, every point petal or tab is hand formed and then assembled with care by people who care that the end product is truly unique.

All of our products pass through hands, that between us all, have over 80 years' experience in making rosettes. But much more importantly each Remarkable Rosette is made to commemorate and celebrate an event, a day, a memory, all marking a truly remarkable achievement.

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