Agilitynet Senior Leage Hall of Fame


It is always a privilege to be asked to supply the awards to the Senior Agility League organised by Ellen at  agilitynet. This year the Hall of Fame winners kindly shared their thoughts with us, always lovely to celebrate some happy times, with hope for a much more "normal" summer to follow.

Faith Whiteley

I was totally amazed to receive my 'Hall of Fame Rosette'. it is such a lovely idea and I shall really enjoy having it - It is the lovely reminder of the happiest of times. It was sweet of Linda to recommend me- she is always full of surprises - and very kind of you to include me. Thank you so much.

I did not start in agility until I was 69 and then I could only watch my Bella beginning her agility journey as I was recovering from an operation. I have had such a wonderful time learning to communicate with my dogs and enjoying their enthusiasm for the sport. We all adore it, love the training sessions and owe so much to the patience of Linda Croxford over many years and to Dawn Hughes, who introduced three of us to agility. I have received so much kindness from many other handlers, ring parties and judges who put up with the fact that I am a bit slow at organising myself and arriving at the start. I only do about 5 shows a year as I work at weekends, but the shows are my real highlights of the year. So amazing to take part, and such a privilege to share my life with my wonderful dogs ; Dorabella, my 'Golden' Fleur, and their respective offspring, Gemma , Gena and the irrepressible Bizzie Lizzie - all agility addicts.

Freda Wallace

I would like to say thank you for the beautiful rosette that arrived this morning from the senior agility league with my name on for the hall of fame. Rosette pictured with Tika who made it all possible. Let's hope we can have fun together again later this year. Thank you once again. it was a wonderful surprise.

Faith Whiteley with Fleur and Dorabella

Freda Wallace and Tika

Wedgewood's Dark Lord


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Thursday, 26 May 2022

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