The lovely Lottie


We were very honoured to be asked to create a Rosette to help commerate the life of Lottie, Amanda's much loved and recently lost horse.

We always aim for the end result to be perfect, but to add to the pressure Amanda was a rosette maker in previous times, so humbled and delighted to recieve the feedback below.

Dear Sharon

I have just received my stunning rosette and must confess to feeling a little overwhelmed.

When my beautiful horse Lottie died I looked around for some way to remember her. Friends suggested jewellery but I couldn't bear the idea of losing the ring/pendant/bracelet as it would feel like I had lost her all over again.

Finding out that you made these rosettes was a wonderful moment as it has given me something which means I can see her every day. As a horse who loved competing, being surrounded by a stunning rosette seems appropriate.

As a former rosette maker, I can really appreciate the time and attention to detail that has been taken to create this stunning rosette using top quality ribbon, all those star points would have driven me crazy if I had had to make them myself.

Cariad - Droyale Sunflower Girl


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Thursday, 26 May 2022

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